3 апр. 2010 г.

Pineberry to Make Debut in U.K. Stores

What do you get when you cross a strawberry and a pineapple? A pineberry, of course.
This designer fruit -- a hybrid that looks like a white strawberry with red seeds, but which allegedly smells and tastes like a pineapple -- will be sold in 45 Waitrose supermarkets across the U.K. for the next five weeks while they're in season, ABC News reported.

Cross-breeding fruit to create new varieties is a $100 million business in the U.S., ABC News reported.

About seven years ago the pineberry was taken from its native South America and grown commercially in glasshouses by the dutch, ABC reported. Like strawberries, they're green until they ripen, but instead of turning a deep, juicy red, these fruits turn white, like they've been attacked by Bunnicula.

Pineberries sell for about $4.50 for a 4.5 ounce bag until April 13, after which the price will be hiked up to about $6.00.


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