28 сент. 2013 г.

Knock It Back ft. Teddy Killerz (Radio Edit) by Virus Syndicate

Virus Syndicate ft. Teddy Killerz Knock It Back Midication Recordings Original / Instrumental released 15th September 2013 Remixes from Alix Perez, Noisses and Teddy Killerz released 29th September 2013 Virus Syndicate Pop A Bottle To Celebrate The Launch Of Their Multimedia Company EY3 Media So you’ve had a successful music career for nearly ten years, you’ve released critically acclaimed albums and played shows around the world to immense crowds. What’s next? By this stage in their careers most UK MCs are looking to write awful dance-pop hits for the Radio 1 playlist or descend into the land of obscurity, presumably lording their faux celebrity status around horrendous cattle market clubs of a Saturday night in an attempt to cover their bed sheets in someone else’s fake tan. Manchester-based MC trio Virus Syndicate have a different vision. Last year the group launched their own independent record label, Midication Recordings, on a shoestring budget. Fast forward 14 months and they are unveiling plans to expand into a fully functioning multimedia company – encompassing a recording studio and visual media department – along with a flood of new talent. “We just thought it was time to do something big. Manchester has so many gifted vocalists, musicians, producers, video directors and actors, and we wanted to be more involved in all of that. We want to build a place for new talent from Manchester and all over the world, to help them with our contacts and knowledge of the music industry and to lead by example with our own musical projects.” The first of those musical projects is Virus Syndicate’s new single ‘Knock It Back’ produced by OWSLA’s (for the uninitiated, that’s Skrillex’s record label) Teddy Killerz. ‘Knock It Back’ is classic Virus Syndicate tongue-in-cheek social commentary against a fresh flavoured trap backdrop. The single is due for release on 15th September with a remix EP to follow on the 29th September which includes remixes from Alix Perez, Noisses and Teddy Killerz own ‘Drop Mix’. “We’re just gearing up with this release. This is a taster of where we’re at musically; there will be a lyric video, a short documentary about EY3 Media and a brand new Virus Syndicate & Jaguar Skills mixtape all made available around the release of this single. After that we’ll have some amazing releases from our new signings Nick James, Besankah and Walking Def before we unleash the full force of the new EY3 multimedia experience.”