4 мар. 2011 г.

Rachel Goodrich - FIRE

Для релаксации на синем диване!.

Red Bull Desafio no Morro race

Не, там нет супер нового велика, просто крутая трасса designed and built for the unprecedented Red Bull Desafio no Morro race...


Brandt Brauer Frick - Caffeine

A new video from BBF - plankto-delique


3 мар. 2011 г.

Andrea Clarke is no newcomer to soulful music. The West Londoner has worked with Bugz In The Attic and some of the best underground soul labels around. She now presents, Supahero, a collection of self-written songs, produced BITA’s by Daz-I-Kue. Daz-I-Kue has become a legend within the broken beat scene following his years of involvement within the underground music scene in London as a DJ, sound engineer and promoter.

Black Stax - I Love My Life

This Seattle group is definitely for the people! As community activists and leaders,Black Stax is making a difference in their streets and also in your eardrums. I Love My Life is a refreshing soul experience as Felicia Loud tells her tales of having no regrets and moving forward. Powered by Vitamin D’s production, this lead single

Dope SHT

Hush Hush is a mixture of downtempo and hip hop instrumentals from Atlanta’s veteran, DJ Fudge. For the 5th volume, DJ Fudge decided to pick out new up and coming producers like Shade Cobain, Illastrate, Eric Lau, and Melo X as well as veteran producers such as Fat Jon, DJ Spinna, King Brit and Pete Rock.

28 февр. 2011 г.


Celsius 840x1024 Celsius X VI II LeDIX Origine PhoneCelsius X VI II innovates to create functional “Objets d’Art” that bring emotions back to communication. Like a butterfly spreading its wings, LeDIX, the first creation from Celsius X VI II, has taken flight after four years of research and development.

At first glance, LeDIX is a clamshell cell phone with an integrated tourbillion watch. As streamlined as a sports car, this aerodynamic creation is made from polished and brushed grade 5 titanium discreetly enhanced by inserts. It is the ultimate expression of contemporary elegance. The exclusive mechanical movement, developed under the technical supervision of Celsius X VI II, has what it takes to appeal to the most demanding watchmaking connoisseurs: a flying tourbillion equipped with exclusive shock-absorbers and more offset than any existing model; a modern design focusing on transparency; as well as fine watch finishing and decoration. The stage setting chosen for this movement ensures peerless visibility and aesthetic elegance. For more info visit the Celsius website – HERE.

empathy10 Blackberry EmpathyBlackberry Empathy Concept 6 Blackberry EmpathyEver call your friend and he or she wasn’t in the mood for talking? You wouldn’t have known that but RIM, the makers of Blackberry are working on a concept phone called the Empathy. The Empathy works with a biometrics ring to detect yours and your contact’s moods and share them within your network.

The biometrics ring is just an added benefit of this phone. The phone starts out crystal clear when it is inactive but once the user grabs it for use, the phone turns black and is ready. The concept Empathy will also come with a Powermat like charge pad to charge your phone and the biometric ring, a QWERTY keypad and all the features others RIM phones have. To read more about this concept visit HERE.


Not to be outdone by iPad guitar apps and the like, Misa Digital Instruments has introduced a digital advance that shatters what conventional guitars or Apple digital music apps are capable of. The Kitara is reminiscent of an electric guitar but is designed for easy and intuitive control of digital audio. The digital guitar mixes the traditional style of guitar playing with the digital possibilities of a synthesizer with real time effects.

Where guitar strings lie on a typical guitar, the Kitara has an 8-inch multi-touch display stocked with 100+ digital sounds, 6 preloaded effects and 24 frets with 144 notes. Midi and audio out and a 3.5mm headphone out are featured on the guitar as well so visit Misa Digital online for more info on this digital wonder HERE